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Under new directive, Army units increase role in recovery of ill and injured members

Ottawa, Ontario – When it comes to the care and support of ill and injured members, the Canadian Army (CA) believes that its soldiers deserve the highest level of service.

Anechoic chamber

Emerging Disruptive Technologies: opportunities and threats

Ottawa, Ontario — Infantry troops in exo-skeletons. Microscopic sponges injected into wounds to stop bleeding. Soldiers able to see through solid walls. Camouflage that changes to match different backgrounds.

1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group greets Gwich’in ultrarunner Brad ‘Caribou Legs’ Firth

Indigenous ultrarunner grateful for Canadian Ranger support

Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories — Brad Firth may have only taken up long distance running five years ago but, in that time, he has more than earned his nickname: Caribou Legs. His accomplishments to date include a six-month run across all 10 provinces in 2016. Born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Mr. Firth is a member of the Gwich’in Nation who developed his running legs in and around his current home of Vancouver.

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